Make our elected official work for $1 this year

I am asking 1 million people to sign up for this cause, so we can send it to our elected officials, whether they be congressman, senators, at the local, state, or federal level. They want to help our economy, they want to save the tax payers, and help their respective constituents?....Then they need to work for a $1.00 salary this year. If we as tax payers didn't have to pay their ridiculous salaries, and feed THEIR greedy money hungry pockets, we could make a turn around. They expect companies to do so when the government bails them out, but they work directly for US. If they are concerned about the tax payers money going to these companies, then they should start with THEMSELVES. When we reach 1 million people, I am forwarding it to the President. Lets see REAL change, not just something to slap on a bumper sticker and chant at a rally.

1. Elected officials Salaries should be cut this year

2. They expect failing companies CEO's to make $1 a year so can they

3. 95% were rich before they got elected, if they want the job to represent the American people, then they can volunteer

4. Elected officials should rotate like Jury duty, one 4 year term and move on

5. Politics is big business, it shouldn't be, it should be to help those people they are elected to represent not themselves