Raises private money for the Mercer Island Public Schools

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation is a 501( c ) (3) public service, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of education provided to ALL students of the Mercer Island School District by obtaining contributions for the public schools.

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation will work in cooperation with the School District to insure that programs funded have a high priority, broad utilization and a substantially equal distribution among Mercer Island Public Schools.

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation supports the following objectives:
Enhancing learning opportunities for ALL students.

* Encouraging creative and innovative programs in the classroom.
* Recognizing and supporting teachers and building staff.
* Helping to insure that our school district reaches goals and objectives for students and teachers.

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation Board has identified funding priorities that include:

* Curriculum Support
* District Curriculum Adoptions
* Technology Implementation and Training
* Teacher Recruitment and Retention
* Staff Professional Development
* Support for School Improvement Plans and District Improvement Plan
* Teacher Enrichment Grants

1. Support All Schools

2. Support All Students

3. Fund Excellence

4. Support Our Great Teachers