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The Worst Health Insurance Company?



Now's your chance to nominate the worst insurance company of 2013! Go here:

Just tell us the which insurance company was the worst over the past twelve months and why. We prefer examples with a provided source, but will also accept personal stories that we will not share with the public.

Go here:

Maybe it’s UnitedHealth because they made $5.5 billion in profit last year.

Or how about Coventry Health Care, which paid their CEO, Allen Wise, $21 million in 2012?

Aetna might be a good choice since they raised their rates as much as 21% on small businesses in California in 2012.

We know you have a nominee because health insurance profiteering, mismanagement, corruption, and outright harm to the American people is limitless!

We will be accepting nominations until Friday, August 30th. After that we will pick the top four nominees and put them to a vote in early September using the information you provide as a guide for voters. Once the voting is complete, we will present the award to the lucky winner.

Healthcare-NOW! National Staff

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