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Should School Workers Earn $2 An Hour?

The cooks, custodians, and maintenance workers at the Old Rochester
School system in Massachusetts are facing an impossible healthcare
situation. You can help by signing their petition ( asking their employer to do the right thing and raising awareness about the need for single-payer healthcare reform.

Here's what happened: the Old Rochester School Committee is proposing
to shift 50% of healthcare premium costs onto new workers. For
cooks who start earning $13,300 a year, buying a family plan would cost
80% of their income, leaving them earning $2 an hour! Going uninsured could result in a large fine (over $1,000) from the individual mandate already in place in Massachusetts.

Please support these courageous workers (
who have called for a Medicare-for-All system, which would prevent
millions of workers across the country from finding themselves in a
similar situation when the individual mandate is implemented in all
fifty states next year.

Thanks for your support,
Healthcare-NOW! (

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