Unfit-for-trial Aafia Siddiqui ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation A US judge entered a plea of innocent yesterday on behalf of a Pakistani woman suspected of links to Al-Qaeda who prosecutors say may be unfit to face charges of trying to kill US…Read More


Hey all mates. I am thankful to You all for joining this noble cause. Try to send invitations to maximum people because these days US government will take final decision about this innocent girls. regards, Awais Hassan.


hey all. spread this cause more. and tell people whats happening. US govt announced to give final decision about Dr. Aafia case but they didnt. so tell more people about this issue. so people know whats happening in this world and still they blame muslims. US…Read More


Hi. i m very thankful to you for joining this cause. kindly please try and spread this cause to people.
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