Child Abuse Awareness Month

Here in the U.S. April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. What are you going to do to help raise awareness of this travesty? Guru

Over 2,000

We've gotten over 2,000 members in the cause FB Friends Against Child Abuse. That's a great start! Let's keep reaching out to those we know who want to stop child abuse. Did you know that there are services in your area that probably need volunteers to help…Read More

April 2010

April is Child Abuse Awareness month. "Child Abuse Sucks!" We all know it. We all say it. But what are you doing to support those agencies and organizations that fight to keep our children - your children - safe? What are you doing to fight the battle. Don't…Read More

Friends Against Child Abuse

If you have a good link with information, an agency or organization that has helped, or anything you'd like to share, please post it on the Friends Against Child Abuse Cause on Facebook. Remember those who have fallen and there families during this holiday…Read More

AMBER ALERT - FLORIDA Another Amber Alert has been issued by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Neglect = Abuse

Neglect is a form of abuse - Neglect doesn't have to mean that your not feeding your kids or providing new clothes or toys. It can mean that your house needs to be cleaned. We bought a house that was in foreclosure. The family that lived their had a little…Read More

Special Thanks

Lately, the FB Friends Against Child Abuse cause has grown a bunch... so much so, that I can't keep up with all the thank you letters! Even so, you are all an important part of this cause and I'd like to see it continue to grow. We are well past 700 and…Read More
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