Bill C-51 is to stifle social, environmental and Indigenous justice movements in Canada

Bill C-51, if made into law, might make this article and a good part of the activities of my, and other citizen media groups, acts of supporting Terrorism. And some of you engaged citizens reading this, Terrorists. If we get adjoining cells… I hope you don’t…Read More

First Nations Financial Transparency Act

The REAL truth behind the First Nations transparency act...

Facing suicide rates on remote First Nations: Why leaving may not be an option

Why don’t they just leave? That question was posted on our Facebook page in response to the story about Onigaming First Nation declaring a state of emergency last week after the 4th suicide this year, in their community of 450 people. “No one is stopping…Read More

Kahnawake First Nation attacking the human rights of its citizens

Waneek Horn-Miller, Mohawk Olympian and Human Rights Advocate, and Dr. Kahente Horn-Miller, New Sun Visiting Aboriginal Scholar, Carleton University, are sisters, and members of the Kahawake First Nations, near Montreal. Waneek is in a common-law…Read More

Bill C-10 will hurt First Nations communities

Apart from the occasional whiz of a vehicle hurtling down Chiefswood Road, the main thoroughfare that leads into the heart of the Six Nations of the Grand River, the most populous First Nation in Canada, is still. Wind gently rustles treetops, birds happily…Read More

Canada Is The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document

Canada singled itself out as the only country to raise objections over a landmark United Nations document re-establishing the protection of the rights of indigenous people last week. It was a gesture one prominent First Nation leader called “saddening,…Read More

A Message from Olivia Chow

Dear Anthony, Thanks for writing into the campaign. I have been a champion for all peoples in our city for over 30 years. I have worked in the past with organizations like the Native Men's Residence, the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, and Toronto Council…Read More
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