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Bill C-10 will hurt First Nations communities


Apart from the occasional whiz of a vehicle hurtling down Chiefswood Road, the main thoroughfare that leads into the heart of the Six Nations of the Grand River, the most populous First Nation in Canada, is still.
Wind gently rustles treetops, birds happily chirp and a blank-eyed rabbit silently inspects my car before darting into a green field; the scene is downright bucolic.
A little further into the reserve, however, a gravel parking lot outside a characterless strip mall buzzes with activity.
It's a hazy Sunday morning in August, and the non-natives of southern Ontario have descended upon Jay's Smoke Shop to stock up on tobacco.
Lots of tobacco.
Customers stream into the store, stopping only to hold the door for men on their way out with boxes of cigarettes tucked under their arms. Business is brisk.
"People come like this on weekends. They usually stock up for a few months. We have a lot of regulars," says Tara Martin.


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