Last Fundraiser For Martin July 28th is the link to the article about Martin in the Eastern Surf Magazine. The fundraiser, with live performances, will help bridge the gap in the effort to raise $50,000.00 per ear for Martin. All of you in the area of…Read More

658 Members!!!

Martin is doing great and I am sure because of all of the support he gets from all of us. Glad to see he is doing so well and can hear EVERYTHING now. Isn't it amazing??? Thanks for everyone's support. Keep your friends joining. There are more every day.

Update on Martin's Surgery & 644 Members YEAH!!!!

He said he had the best night of sleep every. Gee, think it might be the drugs? [That is what I love about having surgery.] He is anxious to be going home and being totally recovered. More later.

Update re Martin's Surgery today

Good work recruiting everyone. 11 new members in 24 hours is amazing!! Martin is out of surgery and doing fine. Just a little nauseous but he will be fine. He is eager to get home and get that new left ear working just as well as the right one. Alright…Read More

OMG - 2 more members in just 2 hours!!!

Alright!!! Let's keep it up. 628 and counting. Thank you to everyone in the Cause and especially those of you who just joined.

WOW - - 6 new members in ONE Day!!

Keep it up everyone. Tomorrow is Martin's surgery. Send him well wishes.

620 !!! 10 new members in 5 days!!

Ler's keep it up. That is two a day. Martin's surgery is in two days. Let's send good wishes his way and get your friends and family on board in support of him.
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