Indy Pit Crew is a pitbull education and advocacy organization in Indianapolis, IN.

Indy Pit Crew developed a Dog Fighting Primer DVD which is provided free to public agencies. This DVD helps first responders recognize signs of dog fighting.

To address the pit bull overpopulation crisis, Indy Pit Crew has partnered with Spay/Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI). SNSI is providing the generous funding needed to offer free spay-neuter surgeries to any pit bull or pit bull mix in the Indianapolis area. The FACE Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Clinic, Keystone Pet Hospital, Animal Medical Center, and Emerson Pet Clinic provide the actual surgical services.

Indy Pit Crew also hosts Community Pet Days which provide low cost vaccines and microchipping in lower income neighborhoods. Microchipping for bully breeds and bully mixes is free of charge.

Indy Pit Crew organizes community events, such as the annual Bully March, to promote understanding and appreciation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Indy Pit Crew works to prevent Breed Specific Legislation in Indianapolis which would restrict or outlaw the APBT, forcing responsible, law-abiding citizens to give up their family pets.

1. Combat dog fighting

2. Eliminate Pit Bull overpopulation

3. Encourage responsible ownership

4. Inspire understanding and appreciation of the American Pit Bull Terrier

5. http://www.indypitcrew.org