Thanks for your support in 2010.

We are hammering away on our project called Session Earth. An episodic TV series that will feature our Global Team and the causes that they support. Our goal is to inspire millions of people globally through this show and really make a difference to help…Read More

Session Earth

I am stoked to let everyone know that we have teamed up with an amazing director for our show called "Session Earth". We will travel to exotic locations with top notch athletes and motivate people to take positive steps to help preserve and protect our…Read More

New Globla team member

I am stoked to announce the addition of Dave Kalama to the YCTA Global team. Please take the time to log on to the site @ Thanks to each and everyone of you for joining our cause!!!

5 simple things that you can do:

This email is a promotion from the Surfrider Foundation. Here are 5 simple things you can do: 1. Conserve energy to help slow climate change. Global warming will dramatically affect our coastlines. 2. Avoid using single use plastics. They often end up on our…Read More

A powerful wave of good vibrations and karma.

It's go time! I am asking everyone that reads this to invite ten friends to join our cause. It's time to inspire your friends to make a commitment to save this planet for future generations! (that will bring us to over 1000 members) Thanks from the YCTA…Read More

Give a little more!

My newest inspiration is to drive at least one less day per week. I will plan my week around getting everything that I need to take care of done on the days that I have to drive, so I can take at least one day per week to be exhaust free. I just rode my bike…Read More

I just got back from the Post Office and...

Still no stimulus check? Oh well! More importantly, my P.O. Box was full of junk mail. I have decided to email every company that sends me catalogs that I do not need (hello Victorias Secret, I'm a dude!). Please take me off of your mailing list. Imagine the…Read More
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