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Loock at this video: And do see what is going on and pass it on to others. Now several shops and supermarkets in Denmark has dissmist cash and acsept plastic card only.…Read More

1 sept 2009: Denmark has startet the "no-cash" system only by, by card!

Every thing you by is now able to be registratet if you by in Kvikly Supermarket in Denmark. Next step is acordently the microchip.

Obama's Unconstitutional Agenda Plan For A New World Order

Obama's Unconstitutional Agenda Plan For A New World Order And we/I have just been waiting for the "Iran-war" and now it is startet and the NWO´s plan is going as they have planned. The Barak…Read More

Stop the New World Order

Dear friends Today I have changed the name of the couse to Back to Say No to Micro-chip registration on human beings - Stop the New World Order I will ask you to please invite all of your friends to this cause. This is a important matter that involves ALL…Read More

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Truth Movement Greece Beskrivelse: Following the global truth movement and joining with the worlds free thinkers, truth seekers, revolutionarists and activists, we establish a hellenic truth movement that has only two targets: THE TRUTH and TO AWAKE…Read More

RFID - verichip

RFID verichip story on cbs 46, with Katherine A.


This is a non-profit cause. The goal is to wake people up to see wath is happening to them right now! - Rice from your couch and start to be an active in your life and turn of the manipulation from the media and start think for your self. Go and learn wath…Read More
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