December 1 - World AIDS Day

Did you know it's World AIDS Day? There are Salvation Army centers and homes around the world that support and treat people infected and affected by AIDS. Do you feel lead to make a monthly commitment to support one of those locations? Write us on facebook or…Read More

New sponsorship opportunity in KENYA!

Read below about the Nairobi Girls' Centre in Kenya who are in desperate need of support. "The Nairobi Girls' Centre provides vocational education for girls who do not make it to secondary school. We usually have about 60 girls at the centre, but many are…Read More


It's back-to-school time again! As you return to school this September take a minute and remember children all over the world that are desperate to be in school. Often times we take for granted the value of education and where it takes us. Children all over…Read More


Every year at CBLI ( Central Bible Leadership Institute - Central Territory) an overseas fund raising effort is chosen for the camp to raise money for during that week. To our great excitement Love In Action was choosen as the effort with an emphasis on…Read More

Letters from students at a Kenya Salvation Army school

Posted on the media board section of the Sponsorship Cause page are 5 letters from students at the Joyland Special Schools in Kenya (West) for children with physical disabilities. All the letters are testimonies to the power of God and Sponsorship. All of the…Read More

Mother's Day is coming!

Not sure what to get mom for Mother's Day this year? Give a gift in her name to Love In Action. In her name you can purchase school uniforms, mosquito nets, farm animals and more! Check out You can also sponsor a Salvation…Read More

World Malaria Day April 25 - please read!

Malaria is a deadly mosquito-born disease, which takes almost one million lives per year and afflicts as many as half a billion people in 109 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. And you can help! The Central Territory Sponsorship Program's gife…Read More
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