The hope is to assist those in public safety, in keeping the public safe, as well as themselves.

The cause is simple and needs public support. The hope is to get a law in place that supports the emergency response officials that are sometimes first on the scene (Firefighters, Paramedics, and [or] EMT's) by allowing them to carry a firearm while on duty, to protect themselves, and the general public. If you decide to support this cause and would like to participate more hands on and (or) would like to organize/attend a meeting in your area contact [email protected]. With your help we can accomplish these goals.

1. To ensure that public safety is number one in any situation.

2. Often Firefighters, Paramedics, and (or) EMT's arrive first on the scene of an emergency distress call.

3. The regulations required of use and (or) carrying a firearm would be under the same law as civilians.

4. If Police need assistance they may deputize these public service officials, being properly equipped and trained.

5. Start a movement and (or) organization with elected officials, to accomplish these goals, using petitions, letters, public events, and fundraisers.