Surfwatch Australia - Help us stop the Death of Dolphins in Australia.

Unfortunately the current shark netting program is responsible for the deaths of 1000's of marine creatures. Surfwatch helicopter patrols provide a proven early warning system to keep you safe from the threat of sharks while our Disentanglement Team is…Read More


Hi Guys, Just a note to let you know about this petition currently running..if you agree with the sentiment please sign and forward to anyone you feel would be interested. We are calling for Peter Garrett to uphold his election promises or stand down from…Read More

Help animal victims of the fires.

Wildlife Victoria - caring for native animals. International donations, scroll to middle of page to use Pay Pal RSPCA Victoria - caring for livestock, domestic house pets and native…Read More

Official means of Donating to Wildlife Victoria Bush Fire Appeal 2009.

Wildlife Victoria Urgent Bushfire Appeal 2009 What is this appeal for? The current fire situation has left its devestation on our wildlife including the loss of at least two wildlife shelters to the fires. Wildlife Victoria are trying to assertain the safety…Read More

Wildlife Victoria Bush Fire Appeal 2009.

Hi Everyone, Have just spoken with Wildlife Victorias donation representative. They have said that the difficulties in donating may be due to how the amount is typed into the amount section of the form. When you type in the amount-just type 10 for $10 - do…Read More

Wildlife Victoria Website

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