To support our Alma Mater as it struggles to stay "afloat."

Letter from Dr. Linda J. Eads-

"Hi Folks:
I am writing to ask for your help to participate the "Taste of the Sea Event" to benefit MAST.

MAST's Advisory Board Chair contacted me asking if MAST could honor me as founding principal in hopes to raise money as the school is in GREAT financial stress. Instead, I suggested we recognize the full team of GREATS that made the school nationally recognized --- the students, original faculty along with the community leaders who got the school built and gave us so much over the first six years. This is the way we always operated and that is what made us successful.

MAST is not involved in the community as we were, lost tons of money with the budget crunch from the state and local budget cuts. The assistant principal position was eliminated without notice. After school sports have been cut like crew and tennis. There is concern that summer school will not happen, teachers will be laid off and the list goes on. With our help, we can raise money for the school through this event while everyone has an opportunity to have a good time, reunite, and enjoy a great dinner, entertainment, auction, and show.

Alums will have discount tickets for the event, and an alum section at the Seaquarium will include films of special MAST events during your time, yearbooks, and the committee is open to your suggestions.

With all my love and warmest wishes to you all,


If you would like to donate or become a sponsor to this event, please e-mail [email protected].

The great class of '96

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