Democrats and Republicans! Stand up and say, "Enough, I am Not a Socialist!"

For decades our democratic Republic has been slowly slipping into the slimy grip of socialism. One step at a time, barely perceptible yet always moving in the direction of more government control and less personal Liberty. We must each find our voice and begin to speak out against this quietly creeping socialism. We must each find our feet and stand up against a federal government that has stopped being our servant and now thinks it is our master.
Will you stand up and speak out with me?

1. Liberty is inherent in each individual; it is NOT given by the government, and thus cannot be taken or taxed by government.

2. Freedom is not free; we must work for it, protest for it and maybe even fight for it.

3. Socialism is not good, not even in theory. Even hard-working, God-fearing Pilgrims couldn't make it work...

4. Taking money from a man by force, even to give to someone who is very needy, is not charity, it is theft.

5. Socialism does not spring suddenly upon a country such as ours; it is usually very slow and very quiet in its pursuit...