A Wisconsin Democracy Campaign initiative to focus attention on threats to the independence of Wisconsin's court system and the need for reforms of state Supreme Court elections--impartialjustice.org.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a widely known, highly respected nonpartisan watchdog group that tracks the money in state politics and is a leading advocate in Wisconsin for fair elections, judicial integrity, media democracy, and open and transparent government. The aim of WDC’s Judicial Independence Project is to promote fair and impartial courts in Wisconsin through research, education, alliance building and advocacy – with a primary focus on building support for the enactment of an Impartial Justice bill creating publicly financed Supreme Court races as well as changes in state policies that currently allow special interest groups to operate outside current state disclosure laws and campaign finance limitations as they seek to influence state Supreme Court elections -- visit www.impartialjustice.org!

1. Elections should be dialogues between candidates and voters, not special interest monologues.

2. Judges are not supposed to belong to anyone -- they are supposed to be accountable only to the law and the constitution.

3. To address poisoned judicial elections focus on getting rid of the poisons, not the elections--don't take voters out of the process.