Coins for Coins

We just had the first "Coins for Coins" project @ Braden River Elementary. 4 3rd Grade classes used it as part of their curriculum studying math, goal setting, etc. raising money for GAC. Their donation of $300 on 11/30 was the largest donation to GAC. Deb…Read More


If you are new to coining heroes I know you have had some wonderful experiences. Too often the memories are very emotional and strong. Sometimes they are very private. We understand. But, if you have had a great experience coining a Hero and would like to…Read More

Live Interview of the GAC Founder on TV

If you are in the Tampa Bay area, Deb Benson, the founder of the Grateful American Coin, will be interviewed on WTSP, Channel 10, on their live public affairs show, "Studio10" on Monday morning at, surprisingly enough, 10 o'clock! Tune in or set your DVR or…Read More
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