Good News from Kind Neighbors

by Lia It constantly surprises and delights me that people from near-and-far are willing to help the children in Kimilili. Our needs are many and varied. We never quite know how much or how often we should make an appeal for help since there is so much still…Read More

Nabuur Leadership and Communication Skills Seminar

By Rev. Wasike and Lia 05/28/2009 Rev. Wasike attended a Leadership and Communication Skills seminar at the beginning of the month in Nairobi with 14 other Nabuur Village leaders. The Libre Foundation organization offered the training. Eric Boss, their…Read More

Kundu's family plants their land..

Kundu’s family plants a their land 04/11/2009 By Rev. Wasike Immediately after Jennifer donated the money, I called the families through the one of board members and communicated about the donations and their intended purpose. When Kundu’s father received…Read More

Other Projects

Garden Project 03/06/2009 Rev. Wasike I just wanted to give you all a quick update on our school garden project. The children and community volunteers managed to prepare the garden and we’ve already planted suku mawiki, a local kale crop, and it is doing…Read More

So Much Activity, Not Enough Blog Posts

02/28/2009 We have been scrambling around for the last two or three weeks trying to get further along in all of our projects. So much activity, yet we have neglected to write you all about what is going on. Please accept our apologies. We will just write…Read More

Help From A Near

02/15/2009 by Rev. Wasike The CBSM board members and some of our community members organized and collected food donations and contributions. Thankfully, the children will now receive lunch and porridge during their school day.... Continue…Read More
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