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Sample Letter - Please feel free to use verbatim!

We, a collection of educators at [enter school name here], are writing to urge you to support the timely passage of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act). This legislation was introduced with bipartisan support in 2001. The DREAM Act provides undocumented children who have lived in the United States for a significant portion of their lives the opportunity to pursue higher education, fully contribute to the nation, and obtain legal status.

Each year approximately 65,000 students who would benefit from the passage of the DREAM Act graduate from high school. Many of these students participate actively in school through their academic contributions and accomplishments, athletic pursuits, and extra-curricular involvements. Our country needs their talents. These young individuals have lived in the United States for the majority of their lives. Many were brought to the United States years ago as children, yet still face unique barriers to higher education and legal employment, and often live in constant fear for both themselves and their families.

The DREAM Act would provide a much needed sense of hope for undocumented students who find themselves in unique situations due to decisions made many years ago by the adults in their lives. Without its passage, unacceptably high numbers of outstanding high school students will continue to graduate facing tremendous impediments and unsure futures. Some of these students may even ultimately be removed from their homes and required to return to countries they barely know. Through the passage of the DREAM Act the United States would gain an accomplished group of students who have demonstrated a strong desire to contribute to society and a dedication to hard work.

As staff members of [enter school name here] we strongly urge you to support the DREAM Act and the many benefits it would bring to students.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

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