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Email from Animal Aid - what they need and don't/foster care/drop off point etc

Hi Vanilla,

Many thanks for your kind offer of assistance. We are in desperate need for monetary donations, Lucerne hay for livestock, hard feed for horses, lead ropes, halters for horses and large transportation.

At this stage we are running out of space and are asking people to hold on to any dog and cat food and deliver it to us in a couple of weeks. Our opening hour are 9.00am - 5.00pm 7 days a week and we are located at 35 Killara Road, Coldstream just out of Lilydale.

With regard to foster caring we are taking a register of interested people at this stage as we are still ascertaining exactly what are short and long term needs are.

We have had an overwhelming response from people like yourself offering assistance and we thanks you for your support.


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