Back to Help the pets and wildlife affected by Victoria's bushfire!

Thank you everyone! Now let's put in some more effort!!

So it's been a little while since the worst fires killed and injured so many in Victoria and while some are ready to move on, the incredible vets and caretakers are fighting to save the little injured creatures as I write this. I met a vet just returning from the area last week and she told me I honestly don't want to know how bad it is... Cause it is bad...

Some of the organisations has received what they need in SOME areas, but is still in need of cash donations to cover for treatment, shelter and medicine. A few are also asking for things that might not be directly "animal related" such as assorted nets, marquee, rescue boat and storage, enclosures and large aviaries, first aid kits, field binoculars, satellite phone, dog catching nooses, inflatable dinghy suitable to take outboard motor, outboard motor, GPS.. (These items were listed on Wildlife Victoria's Wishlist).
Please ask people you know if they have any of this equipment -it may not cross everyone's mind and not everyone has Facebook.

We have done an incredible job recruiting members and I'm so proud of the response from around the world!

The recovery of the pets and wildlife will take a long time so please KEEP doing what you can. Spread awareness and donate. Please continue to care. It is so very important. It is easy to donate money, even if you are not from Australia. Check out the four links above this announcement.
The organisations are also encouraging fund raising events or I suggest collect money where you work. Anything counts.

Also, if you have thought about adopting a pet into your home - now is the time.

Thank you all,

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