To raise awareness about the animal's situation in this disaster and encourage donation to RSPCA, Wildlife Victoria, Lost Dogs Home and Animal aid. Let's NOT forget about the animals!!!

Hi everyone! It's important that we don't forget about the pets and wildlife effected by the horrible fires in country Victoria. A lot of people had to leave their pets behind and hopefully some of them can be found safe and returned to their owners. I also hope this cause can be a link for people who has lost their pets to the disaster and need to find them again. Not to mention the wildlife that lived in the area that got burned down, most of them probably fell victims to the flames but those who survived still need care. RSPCA, Wildlife Victoria, Lost Dogs Home, Lort Smith and Animal Aid are doing a great job (see below) but is depending on donations so please spread the word and donate!

1. http://www.rspcavic.org/campaigns_news/news_bushfires.htm

2. http://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/cms/index.php

3. http://www.dogshome.com/content/bushfire-assistance-update-lost-dogs-home-helps-four-legged-fire-victims

4. http://www.animalaid.com.au