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Jasmina was moved to Sloan Kettering and will remain there for her next round of chemotherapy and the beginning of the bone marrow transplant process. She is adjusting well and seems comfortable in her new environment. The next stages of her treatment are not finalized but she will most likely undergo chemotherapy, radiation, more chemotherapy and then a transplant. Hopefully by that time we will have found a match for her.

The same visiting policies still remain. Jasmina is still neutropenic and at risk for infection, so please be certain you are not sick or have been around anyone who is sick if you are planning to visit. Please call ahead to arrange a time for your visit, and try to keep your visit short. Think ahead and bring a home cooked meal if possible. And, make sure to WASH and SANITIZE your hands & arms when you get there!

There are several donor drives happening for Jasmina over the next few weeks. We will again need volunteers to cover the drives. We are expecting a large turnout for the drive in HARLEM on MARCH 29TH. Please go to ONEFORJASMINA.COM to find out more information on the drives and pass the information along to anyone you know who can either help or register as a donor! Anyone wanting to volunteer for the drives can find contact information on Jasmina's website.

Log on to ONEFORJASMINA.COM for access to the many news stories featuring Jasmina and her need for a bone marrow match. The latest article was in yesterday's NY Daily News on page 8.

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