We are fighting to stop Santee Cooper from building a new coal-fired electric generating plant on the banks of the Pee Dee River in South Carolina. More information: http://www.SCsaysNO.com

Santee Cooper has requested permits to build two 660 MW super-critical coal-burning units on the banks of the Great Pee Dee River in Florence County, South Carolina.

Santee Cooper calls its proposed plant an "Energy Campus." But unlike our state's numerous colleges and universities, this coal burning complex will feature:

* 3,500 tons of annual nitrous oxide pollution
* 7,000 tons of annual sulfur dioxide pollution
* 900 tons of annual fine soot particle pollution
* 93 pounds of annual mercury pollution
* 11,600,000 tons of carbon dioxide pollution
* 780,000 tons of annual solid waste stored on site in 2 ash ponds and 3 landfills
* 16,000,000 gallons of water withdrawn from the Great Pee Dee daily
* 93 acres of wetlands permanently impacted
* 8,000 tons of coal mined in Appalachia burned daily
* At least 2.7 billion state-secured dollars invested for construction

1. This proposed coal plant is dangerous and unecessary.

2. This coal plant will release 93 pounds of mercury into the environment every year -- less than a teaspoon is sufficient to pollute an entire lake.

3. Santee Cooper’s coal plant will release 11,600,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year – more than some small countries

4. In South Carolina, every utility – except Santee Cooper – has sworn off new coal in S.C.