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Recent Updates! Rockin' the Boat!

11/15 We have the support of Autism Society of America!
11/21 We got approval from the US Coast Guard!
11/23 We have the approval of the State Police!
12/1 Autism Society of America has our proposal and has a group of people currently working on plans!
12/2 A webstie and logo for this event are currently being designed!
12/11/08 We received the letter of support from Autism Society of America! This is huge!
12/12 Expect the website to be launched soon!
1/3 A Fundraiser Dinner in Philadelphia is being planned for April!
1/15 A Benefit Walk is being planned for May in Cinnaminson, NJ!
1/20 We are now our own independent non-profit organization!
1/31 The Press Kit is finalized!
2/4 The website is almost done! We Promise!
2/8 The website has been launched! Check it out!!

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