To end Ignorance of the wiccan faith and elliminate oppression

Over the years I've fought oppression of the Wiccan religion by making people less ignorant as to what Wicca is.

The goal of this cause is to show people that Wicca is a good, peacefull religion in it's purest practice.

If we don't end oppression another witchhunt could take place do to the revival of wicca, and the growing number of wiccans.

A side goal is to bring together wiccans from around the world and unify the religions traditions into a standard of profound understanding and devine beliefs.

Donations will go to a "saving the wiccans fund" and will be used to spread the word of wicca through charities, comunity suport groups, and classes that will inform people of the true wicca.

1. Wiccans are not Evil

2. Wicca is a recognized religion

3. Oppression of any religion is wrong

4. To end oppression one must be openminded

5. Everyone deserves happieness, so they should strive to make others happy