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Hi folks,

Thank you so much for all of your support. This cause now has reached over 4000 members! WOW!

So, a quick update: Bill C-10 (the Budget Implementation Act with the nasty amendments to the NWPA in it) has been passed by the House and has gone to the Senate, where it has passed 2nd reading.

This is our last chance. We have to convince the Senators to split Bill C-10 into "budgetary" and "non-budgetary" matters, before this passes 3rd reading and is finalized.

Please TAKE ACTION NOW and write the Senate, Harper and Ignatieff in one quick click at:

Pass this link on to your friends, and invite them to join the cause! You can join us on Twitter too, if you're into that. Search "SaveNWPA".

We have a bunch of senators already on-side, but there are fears that Liberal leader Ignatieff will not allow Liberal Senators to vote to split Bill C-10. In your emails, please encourage Iggy to let the Senate do its job!

Joseph Day (Liberal Senator and chair of the Senate Finance Committee) made an excellent point in a Hill Times article here:

If the idea is to pass the budget quickly because we're in an economic crisis, well it would pass a lot more quickly if it didn't consist of 528 pages, 471 sections divided into 15 parts, that impact and amend 42 different statutes --splitting Bill C-10 and dealing with purely economic matters would get things moving faster and actually be better for the economy.

Again, please take action and tell your friends about this. I only heard about this through an email forward, some months ago. There's a lot that can do!

If you have any questions or want any material to circulate, there is some available at , but feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

Thanks so much! Keep fighting! We're making progress thanks to all of you!! :)

Celeste Côté
National Water Campaigner
Sierra Club Canada

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