The reason for this cause, is to honor those who continue to fight for one of our most prized gifts of all, our freedom; right here in our own backyard.

These courageous men and women that wear this shining shield that I speak of, exuding with dignity, honor and pride, offer a sound piece of mind; just so that you may have a safer and better way of life.

So please, take a moment or two, and show your thanks and praise. For, it is our Officers, who give it their all, and for some, all the way to their ending days~

~ It is "Hope " that helps us make it through the day, but it is our " Prayers" that allows us to enjoy the next ~

John A. Pasko - Police Officer Melbourne Police Department ~ Creator of this Great Cause ~

1. Community Oriented Service 2. TEAM ( Together Everyone Accomplishes More) Work 3. Gratification 4. Achievement 5. Mission Driven