recruit and win

the top recruiter for the cause by the end of february (not me) will win a blowtorch similar to the one on the cause picture so u can burn the nuts of firebugs so get recruiting and help deter these freaks


Hi guys after the recent flurry of firebugs up to their usual business off burning homes and livlihoods and threatening lives ive decided to offfer a recruiting competition to get us out there the top recruiter (besides myself) at the end of february win a…Read More


HI guys another fire season is upon us and weve been warned it could be worse than last year mother nature starts enough herself so get recruiting and scare the crap out of some firebugs before they light up cheers guys (and gals)

A new firebug seson is upon us

Hi guys the news lately has been warning of an even worse fire season than last year(god help us) So lets get recruiting to let the bastards know what we are gonna do if we catch them if we deter one bed wetting firebug and save one life its worth it The…Read More

greetings everybody

hi everyone linco the creator here its come to my attention that people have joined the group just to rag on me and the other administrators why do these people even join to everyone else thankyou for recruiting we are nearly 10000 strong and still…Read More


thankyou to everyone who has joined and recruited people we want to send a message to these [email protected] that they are murderers and should be hunted down and punished we are also encouraging everyone to donate blood and to the victims of victorian bushfire…Read More
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