Safety Awareness

while reviewing my company safety procedures book (It's a HUGE Binder) I can't help but be perplexed as to why farm workers are STILL working unprotected...Makes me sick. How many more workers will die in preventable accidents while we wait for the Alberta…Read More

National Day of Mourning

April 28th - National Day of Mourning Commemorating workers whose lives have been lost or injured in the workplace.

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Town Hall: Who cares about Fairness: Poverty & Worker's Rights in Alberta: hosted by David Swann

Thursday, September 22 · 7:00pm - 9:30pm Renfrew Community Association - 811 Radford Rd NE Calgary. Please join us for a Town Hall Meeting on Poverty & Workers Rights in Alberta. Representatives from the Farmworkers Union, U:End Foundation, and Vibrant…Read More

Labor Day 2011

Another Labor Day is upon us, please take a moment and remember those that we have loved and lost in the workplace. Albertas farmworkers still work with no protection from our government. I have posted the email addresses of the six candidates that are…Read More

Farmworkers Day 2011

4 years and still no change....

After 4 Years and a fatality inquiry, still nothing has changed. Who's looking out for the safety of our farmworkers? why is it that they still don't matter in the eyes of our government? and what are we going to do to change this? as a refresher; The…Read More
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