Still need $$$ for bands.

I am wondering if any of you would like to buy tickets today? We are to pay RED $6000 today and bind our contract with them. And we don't have the funds. Our Love Wins fundraiser for Joel's Place yesterday fell short of our goals and we must use the funds…Read More

Where it started!!!

A few months ago I got an email from 19 year old Yelena, she wanted help putting on a festival, mini Aquire the Fire in Delta JCT. I said I would help and would she like for it to be in Fairbanks and would she like a job working for Joel's Place. Last July…Read More

Fundraising and Airline tickets CHALLENGE!!!!

Our fundraising challenge continues. I challenge you all to donate $10 by clicking the "Donate" button just below the announcements on our page. Also we are looking for people who are interested in donating air miles for the travelling bands and…Read More

Tickets go on sale!!!!

March 1st will be the first day of ticket sales for Ignite Alaska. Tickets will be sold through ticketmaster. :)

Pre Event Planning

The next two weeks are critical for pre event planning.. it is the time to let us know you believe in this kind of major event being held in Fairbanks! Any amount will help! Stop by our Volunteer Training on February 21st at 10 am to find out how you can be…Read More

Event Info

This Community Event will be held May 29-30, 2009 in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Carlson Center! Event organizer Yelena Petkova is recruiting volunteers and sponsors. Come On Alaska! Let's make her dreams come true!

Bring on the Bands!!!

We are challenging everyone who sees this message to donate $10 towards our fundraising goal below. If we reach our goal we can keep the ticket prices for this event lower. Our goal is to make it $50 to attend both days of this 2-day event.
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