BOA Saved!!

BOA got just enough money to show the bank that they should go on!! Thanks for all your help!! But just because that little charade is over doesn't mean you should stop giving! BOA does so much for us, let's show them we appreciate it and don't just take it…Read More

BOA could be gone?

Hello everyone! I just checked the website and BOA only has a total of $65,603.22. They still need a total of $250,000 by the end of this month to live on. They are counting on us to help them out. Please do your best, and thank you! ~Jana


Hey everybody! I just checked the BOA site ( and have discovered that as of this morning, they only have $50,000! They need $200,000 more to be saved. Please do your best, and get everyone you can to donate. Thanks! ~Jana
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