Our mission is to provide care and hope to the 15 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS by encouraging people of all ages to participate and raise funds through annual free throw shooting marathons.

Hoops of Hope is the biggest basketball shoot-a-thon in the world, much like a walk-a-thon, but more fun! It started in 2004 by a 9 year old boy who saw a need and wanted to meet it.

Thousands of participants and teams from around the world participate in shooting free throws for children orphaned by AIDS. Our focus at the moment is Zambia. In the past 5 years, Hoops of Hope has been able to build a school which can house 100 students, a medical testing lab and a counseling center. We were also able to provide the medical center with 1,000 caregiver kits for those who cannot make it to the lab/clinic.

This year, we are raising funds to build a Prevention of Mother to Child Clinic along with a counseling center. We are also providing the clinics with 1,000 caregiver kits and 1,000 bicycles to deliver medical kits more quickly and more frequently to those in need.


1. We don't have to change the world, but we can change the world for one

2. 15 million children worldwide have already lost one or both parents to AIDS

3. Whether you're 5 or 70 years old, YOU can make a difference