A request for State of Delaware Fire Depts.

 On behalf of Emily's Heart I am asking for an opportunity to work with one firehouse in each county to set up a fundraiser. I am hoping that the cost of the event can be donated or given at a partial cost. I am hoping to have either a Beef & Beer or a…Read More


This is an update from the recent events and meeting. The monthly meeting on March 5th the Board of Directors committed to trying to get word out about the foundation to as many people as possible by attending community events and distributing literature to…Read More


Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that things are still rolling along for EH and that we will be having our first Directors meeting on Thursday March 5th. I will send out an update and probably post a bulletin on the cause page. Things are at the slow end…Read More

Status Update

I met with the attorneys handling the legal start up of EH and I just wanted to let you all know that paperwork has been started as of our meeting this morning. The Board members with begin meeting on a monthly basis as of March 5th 2009. We will be starting…Read More

Progress Update

Just a little update to all of you. Emily's Heart is in the works of getting a web page up and running thanks to Chief Web Design. It, like the Volunteer Fire Dept web sites will have a donation link for anyone who wishes to do so. The Foundation's Board of…Read More

Thank you

I just want to send this so you all know what this is about and especially why? I am going to try and send an update 3 times a week. I have started this foundation with the intent of providing support, information, counseling, and small financial help where…Read More
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