Back to Support an Open Rolling American Peace Delegation to Gaza

$25,000 American made missle the terrorist, not the kids it killed.

I was shown parts left of a missile yesterday, it sits before me. An AGM guided missile, surface attack... serial number 616119.

I looked it up... you should do the same, after all, Americans, you should know how your hard earned tax money is spent.

It was used to kill civilians, destroy a house, to please Zionists.

The people here want our friendship, not our missiles and bombs.

I have never felt more welcome anywhere, even in my own nation I am not treated nearly as well.

For us they have an open hand, for them we give only death to appease the zionist army, the enemy of Peace.

They need not our hand outs, only their rights, denied by America.

I almost do not blame Israel, after all, they are killers and always have and will be, but I wish better for America than to arm those they know will murder children jst to terrorize and stael land.

No child is a terrorist.

I met fighter whom shot ever day only at zionist soldiers, and asks "why do they kill our babies and woman?" WHY?

The palestinians all know the english words " Welcome, Hello, Come in and sit, have tea, and Bomb, Apache, f-16, and tank"

After all we have done to them, knowing well I am American, make me feel welcome in their homes, ffed me and give any aid I may need, but for them we offer only death and opression.

Can you imagine? How would we react, With kindness and dignity?

They love their babies just as much as anybody, and want only freedom, not handouts and charity.

Along with immediate American made death from above comes, the slow death of the seige. Not even toilet paper is allowed in... maybe they make missliles from the paper tubes?

This is evil in a word. But The Palestinians are strong and will never be defeated,a nd will struggle for basic human rights, no matter what we do to them.

If to stand for human rights makes a terrorist, then I am a terrorist. High praise concidering the source.

We must make our government stop giving The Zionist entity even one dollar ever again.

Never again means even Arabs, Imagine that.

From Gaza with Love

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