Back to Support an Open Rolling American Peace Delegation to Gaza

I need your help now, not later

I have been all over Gaza, saw things the world does not know of. I have been to the hospitals, seen the wounded, visited entire villiages raised to the ground, but they will not be moved.

Thier message to the world is "we are not broken" and we will stand fast.

I visitedHuman Right orgs, Woman Rights Orgs..... haxe 10 hours of film here, but no time or place to upload yet.

Everthing from gas to gum to diapers and medicine comes in only through the tunnels.... makes everthing so expensive.

I am dead broke now, and need your financial support now.

If you can help me, please contact my wife at [email protected] or 802 453 4503 to arrange transfer of money to me, and every second counts at this point.

If I did not need it, I would not ask, but I do.

Tomorrow I will try to make a better report, but not now as my lst money is being spent to send this message.

I have not any money for food come tomorrow. Perhaps I was stupid to come with so little money, but I had to bear witness to this... come what may.

f 16s pounded an area i just left today in the north of Gaza....

It is evil and sick what is happening here... these people deserve their rights, as we all do.....

Please help me bring you the story, and eat while I am here.

From Gaza with Love


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