Video: Gazan Women victims of Israeli torture speak out Thank you all for joining this group, Palestine needs our love. This video is tragic, I am so ashamed America supports and engages in torture... Please help me spread this video for the world to…Read More

My Latest work from Gaza... Please Share, and show the world Gaza

From Gaza with Love... WHYnotnews Videos

I will try to leave Gaza tomorrow, but Rafah is sealed, I will update as to what happens, for now these are the Videos I have been able to post from here... Please share them in every way you can, to every contact you have. Let the world see these lovely…Read More

WHYnotnews videos from GAZA

Rachel Corrie's Father in Gaza :// America Funded Murder on the Beach in Gaza Traditional Dancing in Palestine Palestinian…Read More

Message from Gaza to world: WE ARE NOT BROKEN! I will have many many more videos once I reach a fast connection... Could use your "Support" in the form of money to complete my mission here in Gaza Contact me @ [email protected] for info of how to get me money…Read More

$25,000 American made missle the terrorist, not the kids it killed.

I was shown parts left of a missile yesterday, it sits before me. An AGM guided missile, surface attack... serial number 616119. I looked it up... you should do the same, after all, Americans, you should know how your hard earned tax money is spent. It was…Read More

I need your help now, not later

I have been all over Gaza, saw things the world does not know of. I have been to the hospitals, seen the wounded, visited entire villiages raised to the ground, but they will not be moved. Thier message to the world is "we are not broken" and we will stand…Read More
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