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Give a gift and help us save young lives...

Help us save young lives this holiday season!

It's sometimes difficult to know what to give for the holidays, but you know you want to make a difference.

Join the SADS Foundation and our dear friend, Elaine, from New York, and make a gift in support of all of those affected by heart rhythm disorders.  

“This year, instead of giving presents for the holidays, my family has chosen the SADS Foundation to receive our gifts. For my family, this is a better way to share our love and support of one another. It also allows us to raise awareness of SADS conditions and the share the warning signs of SADS across our communities and the U.S.

The SADS Foundation is an amazing organization committed to saving the lives of those affected by the variety of genetic heart conditions. They work dilligently to educate doctors, schools, and the general public on how to detect warning signs which claims the lives of many adults and youth; particularly young athletes. It's amazing that in this day and age many doctors miss the signs of SADS conditions, because they simply do not know what to look for. By supporting SADS, they are able to grow and continue to teach those that have the power to help save lives."

We couldn't say it better, Elaine.  Won't you join Elaine's family and make a gift that makes a difference?  And while you're at it, visit ( and learn the warning signs of SADS - you could save a young life.

Warmest regards for a peaceful, healthy and happy holiday season from all of us at the SADS Foundation.
Alice, Laura, Anne, Adrienne, Amy, Christine, Sarah and Brandon (and woof, woof from our canine office workers, Alex, Sofia and Ernie)

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