Watch This,,,, Earth: The Sequel

've been pretty busy for the past few years , so it's not often that I sit down and watch television. But Wednesday night I'm making an exception, for some must-see climate TV. Earth: The Sequel Wednesday, March 11, at 10:00pm Eastern The Discovery Channel…Read More

Hello All You Green Planet for All Members

Congress just passed the FINAL version of the economic recovery bill. And guess what? $500 million for green jobs training is included in the package! This is a huge victory. And together, we've been fighting for it for more than a year. The Green Jobs Act…Read More

Green Recovery Showdown House vs. Senate

Hello Green Planet For All Members, Yesterday, thanks in part to all of your calls and emails, the Senate passed its version of the economic recovery plan. But, the Senate version of the recovery package contains less than half the $500 million for green…Read More

Time Is Of The Essence!!!

Hey All you Green Planet for All Members, Thank you all for Joining the Cause!!! Please help get the word out and invite your friends to join the cause Green Planet for all!! Don't forget to Call your Senators at 1-866-544-7573 - This will take you to the…Read More

Time is Of the Essence ACT NOW!!!

Do you want to lose another half a million jobs this month?!?! Don't forget to Call your Senators @ 1-866-544-7573!!!
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