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Thank you for supporting We Surround Them! I apologize for not being as active an admin as I should be, but I have been preparing for surgery and just haven't been online as much. If you would like to be a co-admin, please email me... as I am looking for…Read More

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for supporting We Surround Them! I enjoyed watching all of the tea parties and hope that you will look into joining the 9-12 project as well. Thank you again for all of your support and hard work! -Tricia

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Thanks for being a part! Sign up to either join or host a viewing party for the "We Surround Them" unveiling!

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I would love for everyone to share their dreams for America. Please share your thoughts!

Thank you!

Thank you to all who have joined "WE surround them!" Please invite all of your Facebook friends to join as well. Thank you again!
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