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ISBO's Coming Out Event!

Friends and supporters of bottom-up organizing:

Have you read with interest ISBO’s book, The Bottom Will Rise and Create a New World? Well, we are pleased to invite you to attend ISBO’s (and the book’s) “coming out event” at this year’s Left Forum in New York.

Curtis Muhammad has been invited to organize a panel there, which we have entitled “How Do We Create a New World?” and subtitled “Do we help save the old dying world, or do we help speed up its certain death?” We will also get a booth, and introduce the new book to the crowd.

Thousands of activists attend this event, and it will be the first time ISBO and its revolutionary work will be represented at such a gathering.

Our panel will open up the theory and practice of building egalitarian prototypes from the bottom up, led by dark-skinned folk, and particularly women. In addition to Curtis, invited panelists include:

• A representative of the legacy of independent, Afro-Colombian communities with roots in the palenques of escaped slaves (see attached article)

• Martha M. Vega of the Caribbean Cultural Center in New York

• An organizer from the project ISBO is working with in Jamaica

This is a call to action for ISBO organizers and friends! If you have read some of our work, and find you are in substantial agreement with it, we are reaching out to you. If you know that we movement folk should be about building a new world, an alternative to the old that is rapidly decaying, we are reaching out to you – our friends, supporters, radicals, loved ones! We need your help in New York, April 17-19. We want every person in attendance to leave with a knowledge of our work. We want to find those people who can help establish ISBO and/or Friends of ISBO on the US side. WE NEED YOU TO COME HELP!

If you will be in New York April 17-19, please contact us and we’ll put you to work that weekend! Even if you have a few hours, we can use you. If you would like an ISBO representative to meet with your group or organization, let us know that, too: we will have people available.

Contact us at:
[email protected]
-- or call – 773-675-2017

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