Our focus is on the organizing of egalitarian prototypes within communities of the most oppressed. Check out our website at www.peoplesorganizing.org. Help build a new world from the bottom up!

Ours is an international struggle that must be led by the poorest and darkest, especially women. We all need the same freedom and equality; we all have the same oppressors, worldwide. Our movement will work toward an internationalist, egalitarian world. We foresee a world in which the genius and creativity of humanity is unleashed, in which all humans share and share alike, whether in starvation or in plenty: in which we are free to love and truly take care of one another.

1. The capacity to be just is greatest among those who have been treated most unjustly.

2. The capacity to distribute the world’s resources equitably is greatest among those who have been most denied those resources.

3. The capacity to share and be inclusive is greatest among those who have been most discriminated against, most left out, locked out and despised.

4. The genius that is needed to save the world will be found among those who have been most oppressed.