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Cops charged for Rape, Buggery

Cops charged for rape, buggery (,176772.html)

TWO policemen from the Central Division Highway Patrol, who are supposed to protect and serve with pride — according to the TT Police Service motto — have been formally charged with kidnapping, raping, buggering and committing grievous sexual assault on a woman.The officers, aged 35 and 32 and with 14 and ten years service respectively, are expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate today. The officers, from Post Office Road Tabaquite and Enterprise, Chaguanas, respectively, were arrested on Monday by detectives from the Professional Standards Bureau, a unit set up under the watch of then Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs to investigate rogue elements in the Police Service. A marked Highway Patrol vehicle has been impounded along with the two officers' police uniforms. The vehicle was sent for forensic tests, the results of which, formed part of the investigator's case file. It was reported that some time over the recent Easter holiday weekend, a woman who is said to be a university student and her boyfriend were in a parked vehicle along a road in Central Trinidad when the two officers approached. They ordered the woman out of the car. She was forced into the officers' patrol vehicle and driven elsewhere. The police officers later took turns raping and assaulting the woman. They later returned to the victim's boyfriend and threatened him before demanding money. Investigations commenced after the victim made a formal report to police officers. The officers were arrested on Monday. Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard gave instructions on Tuesday night for the two police officers to be formally charged. The officers were charged jointly with kidnapping, rape, buggery, grievous sexual assault, soliciting $1,000 from the victim's boyfriend and illegally receiving $940 from the boyfriend. 

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