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Unreported World Documentary : Trinidad: Guns, Drugs and Secrets

Reporter Seyi Rhodes took us to the island home of his ancestors to examine Trinidad's shocking transformation from carnival island to Caribbean murder capital in Trinidad: Guns, Drugs and Secrets.

I love Trinidad. My grandma lives in Trinidad. It's a beautiful country populated by laid-back fun-loving people. The food is great, the drinks are wonderful and even the tentacles of American culture (the most profitable branch of KFC in the world) haven't diluted the culture of the island and its people too much. It's a paradise island in more ways than one. If you want to chill on the beach with beautiful people you can do that here. If you want to dig for oil there's lots of that too. Even bankers are welcome in Trinidad's thriving financial services sector. If you're a drug smuggler then the island is filled with coves and inlets in which you can hide your activities from prying eyes.

But (and there was always going to be a but) everyone wants a piece of paradise, and those willing to take it without asking often end up with the lion's share. That's what seems to be happening in Trinidad, with international narco-traffickers moving in and using the island as a part of their global smuggling operation. Where the smugglers go, so does corruption and before you know it you're living in Mexico or Guatemala - countries where official corruption has permeated deeply.

It's already hard to understand the government's position on many issues. They cancelled a £150 million contract for 3 new coast guard boats this year, claiming they were too expensive, but many in the know told me they were essential in the fight against drug and gunrunners.


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