Crime in T&T

CRIME CYCLE IN T&T (Steps 1 to 5) 1. Shocking Crime Incident - Murder/Rape/Kidnapping/Bombing 2. Public Outrage - Protest/Vigil/Calls for Hanging/Crocodile Tears 3. Politicians and Police Inaction - Heads in the Sand or Sky or up deh... 4. Public…Read More

Crime Rated as Critical in T&T

Overall Crime and Safety Situation The government faces numerous challenges in its effort to reduce crime, including an overburdened legal system, bureaucratic resistance to change, unemployment in marginal areas, disenfranchised youth, and the negative…Read More

Trinidad and Tobago - Top 10 Homicidal Countries in the World

Trinidad and Tobago is in the Top 10 "...In the absence of a legitimate government, Trinidadian gangs have come to resemble governments..."

Trinidad and Tobago struggling to deal with trafficking, use of illegal narcotics - US 2014 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

The United States says corruption, lack of sustainability of government funded programmes as well as gaps in legislative and organizational implementation continue to be challenges facing Trinidad and Tobago in its efforts to curb the trafficking and use of…Read More

Is T&T to end up like Mexico???

for too long politicians have danced to the tunes of Drug Kingpins who amass wealth and power through legal and illegal corporations and associations


Doing more and more of what hasn't been working, WILL NOT WORK! If this Government is really serious about fighting crime, I believe it's time for the Prime Minister, the Leader, to take the helm of the Ministry of National Security, and also refocus the…Read More


Please be safe T&T Too Too Many Have Died in T&T We can't again sit and again wait for Government to promise and deliver naught, we have to take back T&T for our children and their children. We can't leave them a legacy of crime. Report…Read More
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