The Wall/Beer Pong Rules

Lets get some Posts on the wall. Also, lets get some rules that you think are good rules, or even just some house rules that you have heard before posted up in the rules and regulations topic in our discussion board. After we get a sufficient amount of…Read More

Quick Props Shout-Out

Heyy Its Ya Boii..StonE..Juss Wanted Give Props n to thank Everyone for there Commitment to this Cause..It goes to show you that there are people in this world that can Make a difference if we All come 2gether..Lets Keep The RECRUITs Coming!!! P.S.- Lets Get…Read More


Thats whats Good you guys and girls of course...we got madd people on this thing so lets double our 500 and get it up to 1,000 recruits..see who comes out on top in the hall of fame hahaha..iight keep up the good work i'll get at you guys soon......WinstonE


Lets get this Bitch Up to 500 Recruits!!

Thats whats GooD..Invite EveryonE!!!

Who ever Joins knows whats really good with pong..Invite everyone!!!
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