Right To The City is a national alliance of base building organizations, academics, policy advocates, and other allies building a response to gentrification and other injustices inflicting our cities.

All across the U.S., working class neighborhoods and Black, Latino and Asian people are being displaced from our cities at a scale not seen since the abuses of urban renewal in the 1960s. Sky-rocketing rents, mass evictions, low-wage jobs have eroded vibrant historic communities that are being replaced with luxury condominiums, shopping centers, and tourist attractions.

At the same time, from Oakland to Miami to Boston there are hundreds of tenants, families, and workers who are forming organizations and waging campaigns to defend our neighborhoods and our livelihood.

We all have the right to remain and return to our cities, to take back our streets and neighborhoods, and to ensure that they exist to serve people rather than capital. We all have a right to the city.

Right to the City offers a framework for resistance and a vision for a city that meets the needs of working class people. It connects our fights against gentrification and displacement to other local and international struggles for human rights, land, and democracy.

We are coming together under a common framework to increase the strength of our community organizations and our collective power. Our goal is to build a national urban movement for housing, education, health, racial justice and democracy.

To learn more visit us online now at www.righttothecity.org

1. The right to land and housing that serves the interests of community building, sustainable economies, and cultural and political space.

2. The right to permanent public ownership of urban territories for public use.

3. The right of working class communities of color, women, queer and transgender people to an economy that serves their interests.

4. The right to sustainable and healthy neighborhoods & workplaces.

5. The right of community control and decision making over the planning and governance of the cities where we live and work.