De vraag die U moet stellen bij deze verkiezing: Wie doet straks wat TEGEN luchtvervuiling?

PDVSA betaalt 45 cent per maand per m², terwijl je in de Vrije Zone, die er pal naast ligt Nafls 14.00 moet betalen. Bij de PDVSA huren ze een stuk grond met een fabriek erop. Bij Curinde een stuk grond met een gebouw. Ik vergelijk appels met appels. Ik ga…Read More

19 volunteers asked to park their cars along the refinery fence on a sunday. Plse ontact me.

19 volunteers asked to park their car along the refinery fence in protest of the 19 premature deaths a year. You don't have to stay in the car. We will drape the cars with a black cloth. The action starts at 9:00AM and continues to 5:00PM. Please contact…Read More

What peaceful action to take to send a message to our government?

A protest march Drive by on a sunday/weekday and park along fence All trying to get in at the refinery and thus blocking the entrance Do you have any suggestions?

MSi - # 5 VOTE - VOTA - STEM

Your vote and those surrounding you can stop pollution. Vote MSi - List # 5 Bo voto i esun rònt di bo por para polushon. Vota MSi - Lista # 5 Uw stem en diegene om je heen kan luchtvervuiling stoppen. Stem MSi - Lijst # 5

We are winning

We need to continue. Please recruit a few more people. The refinery must stop polluting. Together we can stop her. Thanks,

Decision tp stop the polluter

Curaçao's referendum is over. The decision NOT to renew PDVSA's contract and to close the refinery in 2019 is now the most important point on the political calendar. This decision will create thousands of jobs. Construction activities will immediately start…Read More

HELP. Drive for more cause members

Tremendo trabou. Fantastisch werk! Excellent Job. Let’s go for10,000 members. Yes, we can! Yes, we can and we will. Please use the names of people in your address book. Send them a short note. Ask them to vote at…Read More
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